Do You Really Need A Website?

    Answer: YES! 

    Having a professional, SEO-friendly website has  has all the advantages for your business in the long run than you think.

    Here are the reasons.

    1. 80% of purchases starts from online search. Google being the biggest search engine, a website comes in handy when representing your business. This means you have more chances of selling when you have a website than when you not.

    NOTE: This applies if your website'SEO is well worked on. So if you have a website, work the one SEO. It will definitely pay of.

    1. It gives you a perfect platform to display all your products and or, showcase your portfolio. Imagine selling over 200 SKUs... How do your list those on social media? There is Facebook shop yes, but it is limited. It doesn't have room for more information. An E-commerce website will give you room to list as many products as you can with so much to write about the items.
    2. Credibility. Many are times we go to online to verify about a certain company. If you saw something somewhere and caught your attention, mbio Hadi Google to look for more information. That is where a website helps us in. People will find your business more credible and legit depending on the information they find online. So prioritize on having a website.
    3. PROFESSIONALISM. Imagine you are a professional and you have a website, whoever looking for a certain service finds you online and you receive that email inquiring about the service... Manze hii feeling ni kama Ile ya M-PESA. People will take you more serious and organised when they read about your services online. They'll judge your for that and pay accordingly!
    4. MARKETING. A website makes marketing more easy and a bit cheap. Compare the online ADs and the billboards. Online ADs gives guaranteed ROI than the billboards and they're way cheaper.
    5. LASTING VALUE. A website once built, it will stay forever as long as the domain and hosting are well taken care of. It will always be readily available to the users hence helping your business in giving out the necessary information.
    6. ACCESSIBILITY. Anyone in the world can access your website (read business) just by a click anytime of the day. This means you can reach out to the wide audience hence doing businesses internationally!
    7. SELF CUSTOMER SERVICE. Many are the times when a gadget starts to misbehave, we run online to look for documentation and a solution to a certain problem. People will always remain loyal to your products because of good customer service that is on your website.

    Generally, every business, no matter how small it is, it needs a website due to the above reasons. For more better results, make sure your website is SEO-FRIENDLY and the information is up to date in relation to what your are selling and or services you are offering.

    Always, have room in your website for reviews. These are your brand ambassadors since they talk volumes about your business.


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