Design The Project With The Knowledge Of Grasp,

    1. Design the project with the knowledge of GRASP, factory pattern and command pattern. Use the class diagram to draw the design, and use Microsoft Word to explain each class in the diagram in words (Why design like this? Which patterns/Principles used and why use this pattern/Principles? How is this class connect to the other class.) (Please check the w6.1.1, w7.3, w8.2 and Undo-Redo in the class note to see the GRASP and two design patterns.)
    2. Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 to do the programming in C#. There is no nested class allowed except there is relationship between the classes just like a Cell is in a Spreadsheet (Please check the cell class, spreadsheet cell class and the spreadsheet class in the spreadsheet project). The spreadsheet project is not completed, but it will give you a general idea on how to create the class, what class is necessary etc. There must be the access modifier for each class or the member in that class, can not just leave it blank, has to show it's a private or public or internal or protected etc.
    The Detail requirement is in the Project Requirement and Description.pdf, please check the Example for the design.pdf and also the spreadsheet project as the examples, might be helpful.


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